Aim of the Competition

In a time when new international design competitions - mostly very expensive ones - are springing up like British boy bands, it is necessary to objectively review their quality and efficiency.

Is it worth me spending lots of money to enter my work in a competition, or should I just buy myself an '82 Bordeaux?

This is a pressing question for a growing number of studios and freelance designers who have neither time nor money to waste. Our competition - now in its second year - aims to examine such competitions closely and to test their quality: Who is on the jury? How much does entry cost? What do you get if you win? What is the international response to the competition?
For this reason we have put together an international jury which includes famous people who have been jury members for lots of other competitions. They possess incredibly specialised knowledge in this field and are well-versed in the hidden mechanisms of making decisions outside of the competition's rules.


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